REVIEW: ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker


The Color Purple is an Epistolary Novel, Written for the most part in the form of multiple letters to God. These letters are written by one of the most engrossing and tragic protagonists in all literature; 14 year old Celie.

Pre warning, this IS NOT a ‘Holiday read’. The epistolary format is not the only reason this book is a difficult read. The narrative of this astounding work of fiction is utterly heart wrenching.

The color purple REVIEW IMAGE

Set in the often brutal, intolerant and unforgiving world of the U.S Deep South (mainly Georgia) the book begins with Celie as a 14 year old year. Regularly beaten and raped by the man she calls ‘Papa’, her Step-Father Alphonso.

Celie has a younger sister, Nettie. Celie Struggles often unsuccessfully to protect Nettie from the Inhuman treatment she had been forced to endure at the hands of mainly monstrous men.

Throughout the story we follow the devastating lives of these two, vulnerable girls over a 30 year period of their lives of which the tragedy could rival any Shakespeare play. 


As societies and political movements across the glove move with slow burning passion towards equality for Women this Novel is ever more relevant. The Color Purple should be a literary necessity  for anyone involved in women rights movements. 

The characters Celie and Nettie bring life to the phrase ‘Empowered Women, Empower women’. Amongst all of the suffering you will find a message of hope that we should all pay attention to.


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