REVIEW: ‘The Sun Also Rises’ by Ernest Hemingway

Well, how can a mere mortal such as myself even begin to review a tour de force such as a Hemingway novel?

Well, here goes…………..

Hemingway has an uncanny ability to summon detailed pictures and descriptions of his characters from the mist of the ether.

Throughout this Novel he often builds atmosphere by things left unsaid. Clearly showing the reader that it is important to piece together their own imaginings of characters, appearance, personalities and most of all interactions. The Sun Also Rises is set in the exuberant and excessive streets of Paris and mountains of Pamploma.

AfterlightImage 2


Its played out During the 1920’s, a time in which thousands upon thousands of Americas wealthiest sons and daughter travelled to Paris. Based on Hemingways own experiences of travelling there.


We follow characters around the finest cafe’s and wine bar’s of Paris. Interacting with Writers, Artists, Dancers and the social elite the pages are filled with with romance and intrigue in a world that perhaps sadly, no longer exists. where men were gentlemen and women broke the mould.


The only way to really get a handle on the many subtle nuances and metaphors in this book is to read this for yourself. Persevere with it, its not a ‘chill out book’. Take your time and research references.



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