The Kurt Cobain Journals. A collection of notes, drawings, thoughts and ramblings from the tortured mind of NIRVANA front man, Kurt Cobain.

A slight deviation from my usual reviews with this. I feel it important to include not so much a review of this but more an adoring epitaph. Contained within it’s biro laden pages is a mind fuck journey thorough the unique consciousness of a musical genius.

AfterlightImage 3

His wants, desires, opinions and beliefs. It reads as a heart wrenchingly drawn out obituary with many many rapidly scribbled thoughts. These Journals can guide, support, instruct and devastate your very soul. It contains letters, poems, song lyrics, and even T-shirt designs for a fledgling NIRVANA. 

A word of caution, The words printed on these pages are REAL in every sense of the word. They hold a power few pieces of literature could ever hope to contain.


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