REVIEW: ‘The Shack’ by Wm Paul Young

I have avoided reading this for a while now as I’m not a fan of works that even closely resemble ‘self help books’. But after constant recommendations I bit the bullet.

Written with heavy Christian overtones this novel details the life of ‘Mack’. A family man with a dark a tragic past, suffering the loss of his young daughter at the has of a serial child kidnapper and murderer. AfterlightImage 4I eagerly gorged myself on it’s pages but found it’s message rather forceful and occasionally contradictory. This often happens when layman tackle deep philosophical ideas. This rather detracted from the original and rather remarkable storyline within.

This novel asserts a wonderfully compelling narrative upon the reader does an admirable job of conveying emotion in a very palpable way. However, I found myself feeling that the emotion within is only so palpable because of the deep topics it contains; Kidnap, Religion and heavy childhood trauma. Nevertheless this is certainly more than worth the read. 

Im sure that many many people have been enriched  by it’s message. Including myself in some ways. I would love to see the Author write an out and out crime thriller. All of the hallmarks of a truly great crime writer are there and I feel he could make a real contribution to an often inconsistent genre.

You do not have to be a religious or Christian to garner real joy from this book or understand it’s powerful message. It’s clear that there are parts of this novel that have been inspired by real pain and that gives it an honesty that transcends a lot of it’s Christian rhetoric.



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