NEWS: Charity Bookshop Celebrates Anniversary


The Lions Club Bookshop, Darlington UK

The Lions Club Bookshop Darlington is celebrating 24 years in business.

This Unassuming little shop, hidden at the end of an old fashioned arcade in a small(ish) town is now a rare sight in the world of literature.

Independent Bookshops are in a steep a consecutive decline. Eleven years of decline in fact. In 2005 there were 1,535 Indie Bookshops in the UK. That figure has reduced to just 867 by 2017.

This little trove of wonder however, has bucked the ceaseless trend. The Lions Club shop has a simple business model. Sell donated books, encourage people to read, donate funds to worthy Charities. 


Whilst I love the feel of a brand new unopened book, with an almost indecent passion, Books are more expensive than ever. Because of this The Lions Club Bookshop is now my go to book store. 

Whats so great about it? ALL OF THE BOOKS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS 50p OR LESS!!! and there is a huge selection to choose from.


1/2 of the Rooms Filled with Books at The Lions Club Shop

The Lions Club is ran solely by Lions Club Volunteers and is open four days a week.

Neil Anderson is a Lions Club volunteer and former president.

“Ive been a member of the Lions for 36 years and Volunteer in the shop about once a week.”

“The shop is a win win situation, we raise money for amazing charities which change annually whilst also encouraging young people and old to read more.”

The Shop sells all adult books for 50p but all children’s books are only 20P.


“We discount the children’s books because we believe it’s very important for books to be accessible to younger people.” 

Neil Anderson, Lions Club Volunteer


The Lions Club benefits from Council discounts and only has to pay water rates and heavily discounted Business rates in accordance with their charitable status.


One thing is for sure. The world would be a better place with more Lions Bookshops.


A Personal Hidden Sanctuary for me, and anyone else that walks through its unassuming  doors.









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