NEWS/REVIEW: ‘Michelle Obama’ Autobiography

This is possibly the most eagerly anticipated Biography to be released in the last few years.

We’ve all heard of her. Michelle Obama. Wife of the First African-American president of the U.S and all force of nature. But who is she really? Thats what this book aims to put out there.

Its fairly simple really. This a an Autobiographical memoir of the former First Lady.

I’ve never touched much on Biographies of anyone for the most part but this was a must I felt. 

afterlightimage 11

I wanted to know more about her perspective. Her life and the numerous complications, privileges and pitfalls of being First Lady and how she came to be there. 

The book does not disappoint. Detailing her upbringing in the South-Side of Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s all the way through College and Law School. 

She graduated first from Princeton and then Harvard Law.

Without giving anything away there is clearly much much more to this powerhouse than just the title of former First Lady.


Whatever your political affiliations this book is well worth the read. 1.4 Million copies of this were sold in the first week alone!


Engaging, at times enriching and certainly intriguing. This was not disappointing. It has made me think seriously about picking up more Memoirs/Biographies in the future.









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